Spotlight: Doll It Up


Director: Yalan Hu

Starring: Timothy J. Cox

Review Author: Tony

We are already of to a great start this year with plenty of content already and even more in the pipeline. Sure we will be covering as much of the new releases over the year as possible but we will be keeping a consistent focus on other categories such as Beer Goggles and of course Spotlight. While we’ve been lucky as of late with all these great filmmakers approaching us, that burden should not just lie in their hands so we will be reaching out far more ourselves.

Timothy J. Cox who starred in our last Spotlight for the short film Beauty Queen was kind enough to give us access to another short film he starred in recently called Doll It Up. We noted Timothy’s talent in front of the camera especially in a dramatic role but here we get to see his comedic chops. Doll It Up is a genuinely hilarious dark comedy from director Yalan Hu that follows a mans love life with his sex doll!!

First off, before I had even watched the short I was already on board with its synopsis alone. Strange relationships have always been intriguing but a comedy short film approaching familiar topics we see in modern relationships like infidelity, trading in for the younger model and regret tends to really stand out when one of the partners is a plastic sex doll.

Comedy is probably one of the most difficult aspects of filmmaking to capture. It depends on so many factors like timing, content, the actor’s ability to carry the joke/gag, and the audiences general sense of humour. Being naturally funny may come easily to some but translating that to a film is a whole other task. Thankfully I can report that Doll It Up is not only funny but got some big laughs out of me; especially the tug of war at the end or when Gunther callously dumps his ex into the bin.

The success of this comedy lies on the Shoulders of Timothy’s performance and director Yalan Hu’s sharp and darkly humorous writing. Clocking in at just over 6 minutes, Doll It Up is as tight a short film you can find with not a second wasted. It’s supremely well shot and the audio and music are equally great. I have actually revisited it twice just to make sure the laughs hold up which I can happily confirm they do.

Author: Reel Time Flicks

Passionate about film and writing since 2015.

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