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Reel Time Flicks is an award-winning film blog based in Dublin, Ireland. We focus on reviews for films both old and new with various other articles and categories dedicated to the medium of film. Our approach is generally laid back, well informed, with an emphasis on honesty, and a sprinkle of humor.

Reel Time started as a creative outlet for us to blow off some steam and get our opinions in writing. While initially, we viewed it as a hobby, every view, follow, like, and comment encourage us to keep writing and strive to improve. Suddenly we had a fanbase (albeit small) and we felt an obligation to take Reel Time more seriously and focus on tightening up our writing and look at new avenues to explore with the blog. While we certainly take the blog very seriously, we have maintained a philosophy to never have writing feel like work. We strive to have fun and be as brutally honest as possible (no opinion stays on the writing board).

In 2018, Reel Time Flicks became the recipients of the Best Film/TV Blog at the Irish Blog Awards 2018. This was an enormous achievement for us, as we never expected in our wildest dreams to achieve this level of success and recognition. It was a testament to our hard work and commitment that led to this shining moment. We were also finalists in the 2017 Irish Blog Awards. It has been a major boost to our confidence.

Blog Awards 2018_Winners Gold MPU.png

V for Very Blog Awards 2017_Judging Round Button_Finalist

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You can find us on Twitter if you want to see some more off-the-cuff ramblings and the newest trailers!

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