2 Year Anniversary!!!

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2 Dickheads at some film premieres

We can hardly believe that two years ago today was the beginning of our pride and joy Reel Time Dublin. The idea for the blog came about through our circle of friends and their fatigue at the both of us burning the ears off of them about everything and anything film related. Since both of us had such a strong passion for film and some previous experience working in the industry we set about putting our thoughts to paper. Now two years later with 139 posts and a steady, loyal fanbase, we decided to tell you just how much your support means to us.

Reel Time started as a creative outlet for us blow off some steam and get our opinions in writing. While initially, we viewed it as a hobby, every view, follow, like and comment encourage us to keep writing and strive to improve. Suddenly we had a fanbase (albeit small) and we felt an obligation to take Reel Time more seriously and focus on tightening up our writing and look at new avenues to explore with the blog. Last year we added a new member to the team, Shaun, who has been a godsend, helping us fire out quality reviews and articles at a quicker pace. While we certainly take the blog very seriously we have maintained a philosophy to never have writing feel like work. We strive to have fun and be as brutally honest as possible (no opinion stays on the writing board).

Aside from celebrating the occasion we also have a list of announcements for the blog.

New Name: Firstly, we’ve changed the name from Reel Time Dublin to Reel Time Flicks. The original name was always just a temporary name and while we’ll miss it we believe that Reel Time Flicks has a more universal appeal to it and quite frankly, sounds a lot better.

New Logo: Along with the name change, we decided a new logo for the site was needed. The original logo was designed in about a minute and didn’t exactly scream creativity or sell us in any way.


We now have a Facebook page!!! Right, we’ll chalk this one up to laziness. When we first set up the blog we made a Twitter page to run alongside and help promote our posts. We were reluctant to set up a Facebook page as it required constant monitoring and we wanted to improve our writing before we promoted it to friends, family, and future fans. Also, the fucking effort!! Thankfully, we’ve designed an actual strategy for the Facebook page. Our posts and articles will be the primary focus of the page however we hope to become a useful source for movie news and updates. We will share the latest trailers and posters and do our best to keep you informed about films on the horizon.

Spotlight: While it’s all well and good sitting on our arses and judging films based on what we deem entertaining, we believe that it is important to also show our support for filmmakers and show that we aren’t just a bunch of stuffy bastards. We are excited to announce a new category to our blog, Spotlight!! The aim of Spotlight is to shine a literal spotlight on independent and low budget films and the filmmakers behind them. Our aim is to start with domestic films, where we can review, promote or give previews of upcoming Irish releases. We hope to raise awareness and build a sense of hype for smaller films which may not reach a large audience.

Again we’d like to say thank you to all who have followed us and supported us over the last two years. 

Author: Reel Time Flicks

Passionate about film and writing since 2015.

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