Adam’s Top 5 Most Anticipated Films (For The Remainder) of 2015

Amidst the interminable dross being lined up for the last quarter of the year I have actually managed to get excited about a few films, yes I’m in a cynical mood, no I’m not going to try and snap out of it because I write better when I’m feeling moany.

Because I am an awfully mysterious and cryptic bastard this list is not in any particular order, for these pieces of art nearly within the reach of the end of 2015 to ascend into my top 5 they are all in themselves winners and I will treat them all as such by being ambiguous.

1. The Martian

The fact is The Martian is in this list by the skin of it’s overly revealed teeth, those of you who haven’t read the book will still enjoy this, those of you that have probably grimaced and took to Twitter like me to bitch at the sight of that leaf in the first trailer. I know I’m like an unpaid hooker moaning about the way trailers are blowing their load lately but it really does ruin the anticipation and build up that I almost enjoy as much as the films themselves. Hollywood’s latest cliche is to leave Matt Damon stranded on distant planets and to be honest I’m fine with it, I have high hopes for this film and the cast continues to impress and scare me. This film is the best thing to happen to NASA since Chris Hadfield showed us how to cry in space if you ask me and I’m very excited to see it.

B. Creed

If the Rocky franchise deserves one thing it’s for Rocky to have a beautiful death, I will publicly announce my theory now that he will indeed get it during this film and we will see a torch being passed in terms of a franchise. Stallone has come out to say many times that the original script for Rocky had him die in the ring, studios saw potential and the franchise was born. The trailer has Creed give Rocky’s famous ‘how hard you can get hit’ speech towards the end under the preface of ‘A great fighter once said’. I am anxious to see how they will handle a main character shift with this film but I trust Stallone and the team credited to be behind this film to handle it properly and not jump the shark. After SouthPaw gave me a serious hunger for another great ringflick I have high hopes for this one and look forward to contrasting the two films.

III. Spectre

Hnnnggggg, just, everything about this film has me hypnotised, from the longest run time of a Bond yet, to the previews of some stunning cinematography, the likes of which I have come to expect from Sam Mendes and Hoyte Van Hoytema. The costume design looks amazing as usual as does the new Aston Martin, of which they have reportedly destroyed 7 for the making of this film. Hopefully a beautiful death will be its own reward in this case as the new photos of the car have me firmly crying out blasphemy at the thought of destroying one. I’ve always pictured Waltz as a Bond Villain and I am so excited to see what sort of presence he can hold next to my favourite Bond so far. Yes, I said it, Craig is my favourite Bond so far, fight me IRL. Craig has taken the roll of the thug or bruiser Bond that we finally get some on screen back story for and I think it was sorely needed after Brosnan took on the role of the gadget Bond.

. . . .  Victor Frankenstein

I’m a huge fan of both McAvoy and Radcliffe and I have some high hopes for the first decent Frankestein reboot of this generation (Yes, I am blatantly and perpetually ignoring the fact ‘I, Frankensein’ exists, don’t bring it up, please).

What has me curious to see this film beyond the fact that it looks good is the absolute balls the international marketing team has made of it with the US and the UK trailers painting a picture of two very different films. On one hand I am intrigued by the potential dark comedy that I know McAvoy can bring to a role after seeing him in Filth, but I am also leaning towards having myself scared shitless this Halloween by the horror film that the other trailer shows us. Have a look at them both and tell me what you think, the above trailer that you’ve probably already muted is the US trailer, and this link is to the UK one Have a look and tell us what you think below, but look at it after, don’t click out of this article or I’ll find you.

V. Macbeth

The fact is a Shakespeare role is the equivalent of winning an olympic medal for an actor so I am genuinely pleased for Michael Fassbender to have gotten this chance, what’s even better is to see Hollywood shaking the spear at the big screen, something that hasn’t been done in quite a while. You may notice a trend in this list that only one film in it is original content and not a reboot or adaptation, but at that it’s still a part of a franchise, the lack of original content making it into the blockbuster category is really depressing me.

Fans of the Lion King will love Macbeth, because it is loosely based on it and the cinematography of the trailer has me setting up Google alerts for ticket links already. The thing with Shakespeare’s work is it is so well known that the real challenge lies in bringing your own twist to it while still remaining true to the original so Fassbender has his work cut out for him but he is displaying a range over the last few years that makes me think he’s really up to the task.

Honourable Mention: Back In Time

The film that sparked a love of film for me and completely and utterly hypnotised my young mind for years has been honoured with a documentary that looks like a true homage and tribute to the piece. It is very sad to see Fox in the state he’s in but even the small glimpses of passion that come through in the short vignette he delivers in the trailer pull the cynical arsehole out of my head for just a minute and makes me happy. Another thing that has made me immeasurably happy is the news that the rights to the BTTF are safe and sound with the Zemeckis’ estate and a reboot is simply not on the cards while they lie with them. I would hang up my keyboard and quit film forever if Vince Vaughn and that little shit from The Maze Runner wandered into an empty car park and drove a silent Prius 88MPH through my childhood, because mark my words if the film is ever rehashed that is exactly who they would cast and the sheer amount of product placement and phoney messages about saving the world that would be pushed and forcefully stomped down unto it by red stiletto heels would absolutely destroy the integrity of one of the best time travel tales ever conceived. The reason I’m most excited about this documentary is to learn about how they leveraged the films social status to help charities without becoming preachy about what the film has the potential to stand for which is changing the future through taking action now.

So that’s my list, argue with me on Twitter about it if you think something should be added or taken away.

Author: Reel Time Flicks

Passionate about film and writing since 2015.

4 thoughts

  1. Good choices, there’s some good stuff coming out before the end of 2015, and not all of it is just Oscar-bait. “Creed” and “Macbeth” are the two on this list that have caught my attention the most, although “Spectre” has the potential to be at least better than the song. 😀


      1. Yep, such as “Legends” which for all the hype didn’t live up to what people were expecting.expecting. No, I have a feeling that like last year we’re going to see films swing in from the sidelines to gain big attention, already there been big buzz about some films at Fantastic Fest.


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