Beer Goggles: Tucker and Dale Vs Evil (2010)


Director: Eli Craig

Cast: Alan Tudyk, Tyler Labine, Katrina Bowden

Review Author: Tony

Well holy hell its been too long. If your new I’d like to welcome you to Beer Goggles where the rules are simple: find an obscure movie picked at random, hammer a few too many beers and put all writing integrity on the line. While I have definitely increased my efforts to see more films and the bottom of a pint glass  I’ve sadly found myself not doing both in conjunction, but alas, I’m only a mortal man confined by the restraints of time who shares friendship with no one.

It’s officially October which contains my favourite holiday of the year, Halloween. The one holiday you can never be too old for as you just trade the sweets and chocolate for cans. Any other day when I’d wake up in a field in my Ron Bergundy or Spiderman costume it would be considered strange, but not on Halloween. To celebrate Halloween this year we’ve decided to review as many horror films leading up to the date. Being completely honest I avoid Horror films like the plague, being scared is not my favourite pastime, however directors such as John Carpenter and Wes Craven have made some amazing entries to the genre and some of my favourite films.

I decided to start on a lighter note (I was too scared to watch an actual horror) and seek out a horror comedy. Low and behold Tucker and Dale Vs Evil reared its beautiful head. I remembered this film had been recommended to me so I decided to check it out. Twice I had to pause this film and catch my breath, it’s that funny. This film is so good I decided to watch it again sober (albeit very hung over) just to make sure it was the same film I’d watched the night before. I’ve had shameful drunken moments where I’ve found myself laughing at Kevin James films, so I needed sober eyes to verify how funny the film actually was. Cans or no cans this film is fantastic.

Tucker and Dale Vs Evil is the story of two best friends heading out to their new holiday home, a run down cabin in the woods. Unfortunately Both Tucker and Dale, while kindhearted well-meaning hillbilly’s, happen upon a couple of college kids who mistake them for a bunch of murderous psychopaths. The film brilliantly plays on old horror tropes just here there’s no killer just a case of judging a book by its cover.

Being pretty blitzed I have to say that Tucker and Dale was one of my favourite inebriated memories. The cast is great, the homage to horror films like Friday the 13th are superb and the gore is hilariously gruesome. It’s a great start to the Halloween season and I’m already pumped to start my next review. Hopefully the cans and whiskey give me the dutch courage to make it through a whole month of screeching and pissing my pants (although with enough cans I do it anyway).

This year I’ve realised with both this film and Hell or High Water that I want to be a redneck or hillbilly. These heroes live the simple life, kickin’ it, knocking back a few cold ones and enjoying the outdoors. It feels like my true calling in life, except for all the crippling racism.


Rating: 5/5 Pabst Blue Ribbons



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