Dice Lords – First Impression

Dice Lords

Created By: Gasm Media

Authors: Tony & Adam

Rating: Too early to tell, but we’re stocking up on cans to watch future episodes!

Roughly one year ago the series ‘Rivals‘ landed in front of us and became one of our first official Beer Goggles reviews. Now the team behind Rivals, Gasm Media, have returned with another game led mini-series, this time focusing on the deep and captivating genre of role playing & fantasy.

Much like when you drink too much and wake up with new items that you accumulated on your adventurous quest home, we have found ourselves in a position to watch the pilot episode early. We comin’ up in the world big time!

The pilot quickly establishes that an inter-dimensional/cross galaxy threat is looming and a mysterious woman crosses into our world to find heroes to defend their planet. It’s a fantasy setting in our world where our five hapless heroes find themselves mistaken as the earths greatest heroes. Dice Lords looks to be an irreverent comedy with a fantasy spin in the vein of Dungeons and Dragons and dice-based role-playing games.

Out the gate, we were immediately impressed with the production quality and after effects, honestly, it looks like it could be on our TV screens. It’s great that we are now in an age where video quality of YouTube videos is of such a high standard. While we thoroughly enjoyed Rivals this is a major step up!

In terms of a ‘story’, the key difference between this and their last piece of work is that this is 100% fiction and fantasy; and that poses difficulties in and of itself. There’s always a risk in the fantasy genre of films to be too hard to relate to and that it will take itself too seriously. This pilot immediately alleviated our fears about that as we see the irreverent humour and snide remarks that pull the situation right back down to earth and set the tone as something that’s supposed to be a tad bizarre with an element of parody about it.

Our introduction to the heroes of this story is a heated argument over the role-playing game they want to play or the new ‘wizard fucking’ game Zeke introduces. This exchange gives us a good sense of each character along with their own traits and flaws. Again this is a story of the people behind the game much like Rivals was so its great to see Gasm media telling the every man gamers story and sticking to their roots. Golem was the stand out character for us as the comic relief (tard) of the group.

High production value and witty writing have us excited for future episodes and we look forward to seeing future from Gasm Media.

Watch the pilot and please for the love of god, please tweet us @ReeltimeDublin with pictures of Pokemon that remind you of the characters!

Author: Reel Time Flicks

Passionate about film and writing since 2015.

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