First Impression: Kingsman: The Golden Circle

In the wee hours of last night, Fox dropped the trailer for the follow-up to the absolutely phenomenal Kingsman: The Secret Service. An absolutely brilliant thing to wake up to.

So obviously the first poster dropped the initial reveal that Harry is alive and well.

BUT: We do still get a ton of hints and dribbles of info now. So, what can we expect? what do we know from the trailer? and what questions do we have?

What can we expect? – Best guess puts this into the future a bit, the new Kingsmen have settled into their roles and they know the ropes- but that makes for a shit movie with no tension or character development, so it’s likely that we’ll see a whole slew of new tricks and locations. We already see this banging’ underwater layer. And with the return of eye-patch Harry (deadly band name) let’s hope he’s gone a bit rogue and we see a bit of a twisted moral compass in him that makes him a much grittier version of himself.

You see a flash of Channing Tatum’s belt buckle stating he’s a ‘statesman’- it’s not clear if he’s fighting them or not in that glimpse- is he a US version of the Kingsmen? Friend of Foe? Apparently, the Statesmen ARE in fact the US version of the Kingsmen. So how does the Western version of the lads operate? It will be so interesting to see the parallels and archetypes between the classic British Gentleman and American Cowboy type. Statesmen have their base in a whiskey distillery and are all named after different whiskeys. So will we have James Bond with some western vibes thrown in?

Mark Vaughn stated the first Kingsman was like Captain America- an origin story, and this one will be like The Avengers. Sign me up, this should be a lot of fun.

Where has Harry been? I hope they do a Sherlock on it, and every time he tries to explain what happened they get pulled away.

The key thing to take away from the first Kingsman is that the supporting cast stayed in their lane and was absolutely brilliant- so let’s see how Halle Berry & Channing Tatum do in this regard- it can be harder to nail a film like that than anything else, because you want to make this a good film while being self-aware that it’s a bit over the top and not deliver a half-assed performance because of it. I hope they don’t waste Roxy. She didn’t have a huge part in the first movie, but I was hoping she would be a big part of the second movie.

Watch the trailer and tell us what you think, fling your wild speculation at us like a monkey throwing shit over at @Reeltimeflicks

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