Beer Goggles: Kung Fury (2015)


Director: David Sandberg

Cast: David Sandberg

Release: May 28, 2015

Review Author: Tony

Welcome back chums to the one place where we drink caution to the wind and redefine irresponsible drinking. In case you need a reminder (because we do) the rules of Beer Goggles are simple, we drink, we drink some more, then we top it off with a little more drinking and then when sense and reality are blurred we find the most random film that we have not seen yet and give it a whirl.

Now I thought it was going to be pretty hard to top our last Beer Goggles, Outlander, a film with Jim Jesus Caviel crash landing in on earth, teaming up with Vikings and fighting space dragons (Shakespearean stuff) yet somehow we face planted onto a true masterpiece. Kung Fury a 2015 short film which encapsulates everything loved about 8o’s culture. From murderous arcade machine to laser raptors Kung Fury finds every niche from the era to cater too. For the first time ever I found myself ceasing momentarily from my cheap Dutch exported can of lager to check if I’d left the plains of reality.

Kung Fury can only be summed up in one word, Awesome; it’s like all the cocaine that was consumed in the 80’s was made into a 30 minute short. Kung Fury made me want to slow down my drinking so that I could remember every moment of it. Most the films selected for Beer goggles are meant for more as a piss take yet Kung Fury is a piss take of the golden era of entertainment where no idea was too ludicrous; it’s the perfect blend of parody and oddball humour.

The plot follows Kung Fury the best cop and martial artist in the world who must go back in time to fight Hitler another martial arts master and evil overlord who threatens the future. Along the way we are introduced to Triceracop, Hackerman and Thor the god of thunder is a quest over time. Yea it’s pretty fucking insane but also amazing.

We may have finally stumbled upon the Holy Grail of inebriated entertainment and we’d advise all to witness this true treasure. Oh yea and David Hasselhoff is in it and possibly the best conversation about mustaches. We’ve linked the whole movie above.

Rating: 5/5 of the best thing you ever drank

Author: Reel Time Flicks

Passionate about film and writing since 2015.

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