Tony’s Top 5 most Anticipated Films (For The Remainder) of 2015

Spectre Alt Poster

We will soon be into the final quarter of 2015, and although there has been a lot of great films thus far there are still plenty of promising films on the horizon. The idea for this article came about during a conversation I had with my Reel Time co-star Adam, we were discussing what were the remaining films we were looking forward to watching and off the top of our head we could only name Spectre and The Force Awakens. We both knew there were far more films we were anxiously awaiting so we both decided to do our top 5 upcoming films. The Following five our my most anticipated films.

5. Crimson Peak

Release date: 16 October

With one of my favourite directors behind the camera returning to the genre he thrives in its safe to say I’m counting down the days to Crimson Peak. Not many horror films get the big budget treatment but Crimson Peak looks really ambitious and with a superb cast this could be the best horror film of 2015. The visuals look visceral and haunting with beautifully exaggerated use of colour. I’m very excited to see the old school horror trope of haunted house handled by Del Toro.

4. Creed

Release Date: 25 November

As a huge boxing fan and Rocky fan creed has been on my radar for quite some time. Creed looks to tell the tale of Rocky’s rival turned friend Apollo Creeds son Adonis. There is some serious talent attached to Creed with the brilliant Michael B Jordan playing the titular character, Fruitvale Station director Ryan Coogler at the helms and the most famous pugilist Rocky Balboa co-starring. While Rocky VI was a great send off for the character I delighted to see he’s back but playing the role of a mentor. While Southpaw was a great movie it relied on too many boxing film clichés, however Creed looks to break this mold and give us a new kind of boxing film.

3. Spectre

Release Date: 26 October

Daniel Craig’s final performance as Bond looks to be the most intriguing entry yet. It appears Bonds past and personal life have finally caught up with him. Spectre will also be Sam Mendes second and final bond film following the fantastic Skyfall. The debut trailer shows mystery over action, espionage rather than gunfight’s and explosions (not that they are going to be absent). I’m loving the build up to this film, the marketing is a throw back to the earlier bonds and the hush-hush on the plot is great (although the cats and dogs on the street could tell you Christoph Waltz is the villain).

2. The Revenant

Release Date: December 25

After Birdman was released last year Alejandro G. Iñárritu became one of the hottest directors in Hollywood. His new film The Revenant sees him working with Leonardo Di Caprio and Tom Hardy to tell the true story of Hugh Glass. If you know the story of Hugh Glass then you know how awesome he is. The Revenant looks to employ the one shot technique employed in Birdman. I cannot wait for this western revenge tale and hopefully Leo gets the Academy nod for this one.

1. Star wars episode VII: The Force Awakens

Release Date: December 18

It’s an obvious choice but its an honest one as well. I had little hope for this franchise after the prequels, actually I had very little interest after them. I pretty much ignored all Star Wars related news, even after I saw the first trailer for the Force Awakens my reaction was meh. God damn you J.J. Abrams and that second trailer, it got me, it was just a compilation of Star Wars easter eggs from the original films and that’s all it took to get my 100% undivided attention. The Force Awakens is shaping up really nicely with the original cast returning and some great new actors on board. Hopefully The Force Awakens can redeem this franchise after Lucas set about destroying it. I can’t wait to see the empire rise again.

Keep an eye on this space for Adams top 5 upcoming films. Let us know what your most anticipated upcoming films are.

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